Shipping Mid June 2024

Originally released in 1997 by Hopeless Records, this 2xLP set compiles odds and ends from Chicago, IL, melodic punks 88 Fingers Louie, who would enjoy a fruitful existence on Hopeless and then Fat Wreck, and members would go on to international fame in Rise Against. This collection brings together 27 total songs including the “Totin’ 40s & Fuckin’ Shit Up” 7″ which features their covers of Agnostic Front and Gorilla Biscuits, the “Happy Anniversary” 7″, and much more. First-time ever on vinyl.


Side A
1. Past Mistakes
2. Ritter
3. In Your Eyes
4. Try It Again
5. Won’t Stay Late
6. Vera
7. Too Many
8. Irreparable Damage

Side B
1. Call It A Night
2. Run On Home
3. Victim In Pain
4. New Direction
5. Funny Look 6. Emotions
7. Call It A Night

Side C
1. State Of Confusion
2. Hard To Believe
3.Not Just My Head
4. My Father’s Dreams
5.All I Want For Christmas
6. I Hate Myself

Side D
1. Can’t Get Up The Nerve
2. Apart At The Seams
3. Inside Myself
4. In The John (Live)
5. Something I Don’t Know (Live)
6. Too Many (Live