Founded in 2016 with the initial idea of solely helping out local bands, Thousand Islands Records has quickly expanded and is now known for not only providing support to local artists, but also for teaming up with international acts and labels.

Whether it is for a digital or physical release, PR, booking or to handle the whole thing, the flexibility of Thousand Islands Records leaves the door open to hassle free partnerships. The DIY ethic is also welcomed.

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“Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records has racked up an impressive resume since its inception in 2016. The label which, understandably, started with a roster of Canadian bands, has quickly ventured abroad- picking up international acts from Europe and co-releasing albums from around the world. Focusing heavily on melodic, skate, and hardcore punk TIR has an ear for good music and typically knocks it out of the park on each release. They also tirelessly support their acts with promotion and a lot of the back-end stuff, letting the musicians be musicians.” – Jeff Sorley, Punknews.org