Bring On The Storm

The sweat soaked locker room of a recreational hockey arena might seem like an unlikely birthplace for a punk rock band but for Calgary’s Bring on the Storm that’s exactly where it all started.

Some post-game banter between drummer Clayton Fandrick and guitarist Brandyn Smith revealed there were some punk rock stars on the roster and the two quickly brought bassist Josh Wallace into the fold. Together they began writing fast, technical and melodic songs reminiscent of bands such as Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, and Strung Out while searching for a singer to round out the lineup.

The band enlisted the help of friend Chris Kreuger (formerly of Bird Attack Records alumni Torches to Triggers) in early 2017. With the lineup in place Bring on the Storm entered Echo Base Studios with Casey Lewis (Belvedere, The Evidence) and recorded 2 brand new singles to showcase their sound. A spot on Heliocity Fest in Medicine Hat quickly catapulted the group to the stage.

Since then Bring on the Storm has been making a name for themselves by consistently sharing the stage with notable acts such as Daggermouth, Red City Radio, Belvedere, Drive by Punch, Mystery Weekend, Old Wives, Downway and Deville.

Their debut album ALTRUISM is set to release November 4th 2018.

For fans of: This Is A Standoff, Propagandhi, The Fullblast, Strung Out, No Use For A Name.

You can order a CD copy of Altruism right HERE.

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