bussieres 2018 2Founded in 2016, Montreal skatepunk band Bussieres self-released their debut EP “Orange Glow” that same year. After promoting this release with locals shows, including a performance at Pouzza Fest 7, Bussieres went back in studio with Vincent Coté to begin recording of EP#2.

“Orange Glow was a superb introduction to this band for me and I found myself digging the tunes more and more the deeper I got into it. The back 9 of this record is fucking awesome but the album as a whole is still top notch. I would highly recommend this if you are a fan of the genre and I will be keepin my ears to the streets for future releases from these guys.” – Punkanormalactivity.com

Bussieres joined Thousand Islands Records in October 2017 for the release of “Sunny Side Up”, the band’s second EP and first offering to get a physical release. Six fast songs relating their lives and observations as thirty-somethings playing music part-time, for fun. The band also teamed up with Vincent Coté and shot a video for the song “Prestige Worldwide”. Since, the quartet shared the stage with Swedish legends Adhesive, and performed at Music 4 Cancer Fest.

“The release of the Sunny Side Up EP indicates that Bussieres haven’t wasted the two years since they released their debut EP, the fact that the EP is done a dusted in around twelve minutes tells you a lot about their latest release, as this is half a dozen cuts of melodic hardcore infused skatepunk that hits the spot nicely.” – Thepunksite.com

“Sunny Side Up” in digital and CD formats is available right HERE.

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