Charlie Bit My Finger

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Charlie Bit My Finger is a 5-piece punk rock band with lots of melodic riffs, straight-forward drums and clean vocals, reminiscent of ’90s punk rock. Following the release of an EP and first full-length album, the band teamed up with Bearded Punk Records (Belgium) and Thousand Islands Records (Canada) in 2017 for the release of “Third Time’s a Farm”, their second album.

“‘Third Time’s A Farm’ is a twelve track album for the fans of straightforward 90s inspired melodic punk rock with good variations in tempo, nice riffs, clean vocals, singalongs and a twist of Millencolin. Add some humor to the mix and you have it. It might all sound familiar but its done in style. Charlie Bit My Finger is another band from our homeland who released a pretty fine album making us proud to be part of this scene.” – outofstephc

2018 saw Charlie Bit My Finger tour eastern Canada, including a performance at the infamous Pouzza Fest of Montreal. The 5-piece also played Slovenia’s Punk Rock Holiday the same year.

“Third Time’s A Farm” is available in North America via Thousand Islands Records, right HERE! From Europe? Head over to Bearded Punk Records!

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