Down Memory Lane

Hailing from the suburbs of Montreal, Down Memory Lane was formed in 2015 with the only desire of playing good ol’ punk rock and have a great time. The band released their highly acclaimed debut EP “Recycled Punk Rockers” in 2016, a 5-track album packed with 90’s style melodic/skatepunk tunes, music the band definitely grew up listening to back in the day. This first offering received praises from the likes of and and appeared on many Top Albums of The Year lists.

DML proudly lives up to the pedigree established by some of the greatest bands in the genre during the heady days before the big punk explosion in 1996. On their new EP, “Recycled Punk Rockers,” this Montreal-based quintet grabs you by the ear from the first track and doesnt let go.” –

Down Memory Lane didn’t waste anytime. In 2017 they teamed up once again with Vincent Coté to record and release their second EP “Vice Caché,” and first entirely sung in french. The band also revealed their first music video for the track “Productions J”, featuring many friends and artists from the local punk rock scene such as Story Untold’s frontman, Janick Thibault.

DML has really stepped up their game here. Performances on all of the instruments are noticeably improved and everything is locked into place. Not only is the band that much tighter than before, but the technicality and virtuosity is a step up. Most notable is the composition of the songs: transitions are a plenty, riffs and solos are well-placed and performed with aplomb, and the combination and layering of the main vocals and the plethora of backing vocals are masterful.” –

Down Memory Lane has shared the stage with the likes of SUBB, Bigwig, Guerilla Poubelle, Straightline and Ten Foot Pole. They performed at Music 4 Cancer Fest twice, Desbouleaux Fest, Pouzza Fest 7 and the inaugural edition of Punk Rock Meeting in Quebec City.

The band is gearing up to release new material in 2018.

“Vice Caché” can be found HERE while “Recycled Punk Rockers” is available right HERE.

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