Family Meeting

Family Meeting is a five piece melodic punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It all started when local music scene veterans and close buds Steve Ferreira, Nick Navrotski, Brian Brodie, and Davey Knight started jamming out of a basement, focusing on their passion for writing and playing tight, technical, punk rock. After two years of refining their sound instrumentally, the band was completed upon connecting with Josh Riley, who only months prior, relocated to Toronto from Sydney, Australia. The five members instantly bonded over their mutual love for A Wilhelm Scream, junk food, and good times.

Now, a year later, Family Meeting have found their niche sound, with constant dual guitar work, punishing bass tone, pumping drums and clean, melodious vocals. All of these attributes are backed up by Family Meeting’s obsession with gang sing-a-longs.

No One Cares ‘Til You’re Dead, Family Meeting’s debut EP, was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Sam Guaiana (We Were Sharks, Like Pacific, Rarity), who helped polish the overall sound the band aims for – a big, live, loud sound that maintains its authenticity.

Family Meeting last released a single called “Four Months Of Rain”, featuring for the first time bassist Davey Knight on lead vocals.

You can listen to “Four Months Of Rain” right HERE.

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