Loser Points

Edmonton, Alberta-based Loser Points formed in 2015, and released two records, Buncha Bangers and No Fly Zone before they even performed their first live show. While cult-favourite Buncha Bangers mostly flew below the media radar, the band started to get their first positive reviews on No Fly Zone, released only four months later. While they were fairly identified as a harder-edged chip off the skatepunk block, Loser Points did a full punk throwback with their third release, 2016’s Does Loser Points Come Here Often?. Inspired by classic punk records by the Circle Jerks, the Descendents and The Adolescents, the twelve-song LP was recorded in a single day and clocks in at a mere 11 minutes. While the execution was swift, Come Here Often generated both positive reviews across the board as well as a slate of songs that became immediate crowd favourites. Loser Points once again shifted along the punk spectrum for 2017’s Ones and Zeros, showcasing some of the most relentless songs of their discography. On the standout song “Warren & Jimmy”, the band ran a contest to invite a lucky fan into the studio to participate in the recording of the song. While they were expecting some help on background vocals or a guitar lick, what they got was a blazing drum performance which appears on the track. Ones and Zeros was well received by fans and media alike, being their most critically acclaimed release to that point. 2018 brings Loser Point’s most complete and deliberate work yet, Denial & Error. Short hardcore blasts are replaced with massive rock hooks, enormous pop harmonies, and unforgettable sing-along choruses. The full length record showcases modern production and mature songwriting, in both scope and topic, that seems unprecedented for a band so shortly removed from their caustic beginnings. Throughout their discography, Loser Points has shown the uncanny ability to tackle shifts in punk rock’s sonic paradigms while maintaining a constant thread that is undeniably Loser Points.

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