Nerdlinger are a wanna be punk rock band from Sydney, Australia. Slowly working their way to liver failure and an early grave, loving every minute of the journey. The band have a decorated history playing a solid 350+ shows since 2013 across Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

“Happy Place” is the welcomed third release for the pop punkers, and following 2015’s “Trendsetter” EP was no easy task for the boys – spending almost a year in and out of the studio writing and recording. The album still holds on to the fast melodic punk they have branded themselves with, but thrown into the mix are tracks that push the fine line of what is punk rock, allowing the guys to show a little bit of maturity and development as a band. The album covers important issues to the band such as how to find and sell your soul, then where to look for it when you want it back… as well as everything in between. In short it’s 14 tracks of melodic punk with a healthy dose of self deprecating, comedic banter for punk rock fans of Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Bodyjar, NOFX, Blink 182.

Nerdlinger’s Happy Place is definitely one of the best skate punk albums I’ve heard all year. It’s full of fast and energetic skate punk. There are so many moments whilst listening where I just thought “Yes! I love this.” This is the skate punk I really love. Well done Nerdlinger, you smashed this album.” – Colin’s Punk Rock World

Thousand Islands Records couldn’t be more stoked of handling the North American distribution of “Happy Place” on colored vinyls. Get your orders in right HERE!

Also available via Pee Records (Australia) and Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK).

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