shiftdpress2Shift-D is a punk rock band that started in a basement in Burlington, Ontario in the mid-nineties. After taking a hiatus from 2007 to 2013, Shift-D has reunited and has been performing around Ontario and Quebec and released “Battle On Your Own” in March 2015. Their latest album “This Message Will Self-Destruct” was released in June 2018.

Shift-D’s new ep has a storyline and we fucking love it. “This Message Will Self-Destruct”, is an 8 track experience through the eyes of punk rock. The different and intriguing sounds they bring leave the listener wanting more.” –

Past shows have included opening for bands such as the Mad Caddies, Planet Smashers, Jersey, Bigwig, The Misfits, Belvedere and The Fullblast. Theory Of A Deadman, Guttermouth, SNFU, The Flatliners and many more.

“This Message Will Self-Destruct” can be found right HERE.

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