Shirley D. Pressed

shirleydpressed bandShirley D. Pressed is a four piece punk rock band playing fast 90s Skatepunk inspired by various Epitaph and Fat Wreck bands from the 90’s. A first Demo EP was released for free online in early 2014. In 2017 the band teamed up with Thousand Islands Records for the digital release of their first proper studio album “Rust”.

“The band have put together a ferocious and energetic full-length that is sure to please fans of the late-90s Epitaph Records/Fat Wreck Chords sound. Replete with high-tempo beats, breakneck guitars, and more backing vocals than you could ever wish for, Shirley D. Pressed comes roaring out of the gate.” – 

Notable support shows for international bands include No Use For A Name, Streetlight Manifesto, Only Crime, A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Dickies, Get Dead (all US), Mute (CAN), Useless ID (ISR), Hateful Monday (CH) and Tear Them Down (SWE).

You can give “Rust” a listen right HERE.

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