Still Insane


Formed in 2006, Still Insane is a Punk Rock band from Quebec City. Their goal is simple; to play fast, to play loud and to play everywhere. In 2009, the band released their first EP (Ready to Crash) and then released their first LP three years later in December 2012 (Never An Off). Thanks to the band style which draws its inspiration from the ‘90s Californian Skatepunk wave, the album “Never An Off” was greatly received throughout both the local and international scenes, granting the band excellent reviews from everywhere around the globe. In 2017, the band came back strong with a new EP called “Friends & Family” on the label Thousand Islands Records in America and on Melodic Punk Style Records in Europe. Critics were enthusiastic once more.

If you at all consider yourself a fan of the”Epifat” sound of the mid 90’s then you’re going to want to give “Friends & Family” a listen” – Dying Scene

Recent years were excellent, giving Still Insane the opportunity to perform at various large-scale events and festivals such as Festivent, Pouzza Fest, Snowboard Jamboree, Envol & Macadam, Music 4 Cancer, and more. The hundreds of shows performed around the Province of Quebec gave the band the chance to share the scene with the biggest names in Punk Rock such as NOFX, Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, Millencolin, Pennywise, Face to Face, Pulley, Cigar, A Wilhelm Scream, Guttermouth, Strike Anywhere, The Real McKenzies, The Queers, Gob, as well as with many groups from the local scene. Entering its 12th year, Still Insane’s goal is to play everywhere. The band has no borders and would like to play in Europe and even in South America.

Still Insane’s latest album “Friends & Family” is available right HERE.

European fans can buy the album right HERE.

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