Sun-0-Bathers is a punk rock four piece from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and was founded in the summer of 2017. High speed melodic 90’s punk rock, lightning fast solo’s, and a modern approach of old-school slightly distorted vocals mixed with the occasional catchy “ooh’s and aah’s”. As if Zeke, Pennywise and Night Birds had an romantic affair with a quite pleasant lovechild as a result.

With the Local Warming EP what you get is five tracks of raucous punk rock sandwiched between the gentle Intro and the stunning Outro, the whole EP is done and dusted in eleven minutes, but that’s more than enough time for Sun-0-Bathers to establish themselves with their blend of 90’s influenced melodic punk rock and melodic hardcore.”The PunkSite

Thousand Islands Records is handling the North American CD distribution of “Local Warming”. You can pick up a copy right HERE.

CDs are also available via Morning Wood Records (The Netherlands), Bearded Punk Records (Europe) and Melodic Punk Style (Poland).

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