The Shorts

Aussie punks The Shorts and Thousand Islands Records originally [and virtually] met in 2017, shortly after the release of the “Chickenshit” EP. Back then the band’s 90’s style punk rock caught the label’s attention and definitely ended up on the watch list. It’s not until 2018 that the 3-piece officially joined the ranks of Thousand Islands Records for the release of the “Bunker Monkey” EP.

Kings of DIY videos, The Shorts are known for creating music videos for many songs they release.

“Whilst much of Bunker Monkey is straight up skate punk and punk rock there are moments when they head off on their own tangent, Wall Street offers a ska influence, Lenny The Shark brings reggae into the mix and Your Party Sucks and Here Forever brings a more laid back slacker approach that stops Bunker Monkey being a one dimensional affair.” –

You can find “Bunker Monkey” right HERE.

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