Huzzah, huzzah and thrice huzzah!! 10 brand new SNUFF tracks have appeared! All played in that classic infectious style of aggressive, harmonised melodic motown punk. Snuff are alive, well and in tip-top form!! And once again outdo themselves with the new album title: Crepuscolo Dorato Della Bruschetta Borsetta Calzetta Cacchetta Trombetta Lambretta Giallo Ossido, Ooooooh Così Magnifico! (short: Crepuscolo Dorato) will be released on April 22, 2022 via the band’s own 10 Past 12 Records and SBAM Records.

Thousand Islands Records is thrilled of handling an exclusive Blue vinyl variant limited to 141!

Out April 22, 2022


1. Looks Alright From Here
2. Green Glass Chippings
3. One Of Those Days
4. Fish N’ Chips
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5. Hard Times
6. Barba Gelata
7. Lemon Curd
8. Stolen From View
9. Small F
10. Bing Bong