Roster / Artistes

Find below, in alphabetical order, the Thousand Islands Records family. The list includes bands who released an album through us as well as bands partnering with us for physical distribution. Click on a band’s name for more details.

Retrouvez ci-dessous, par ordre alphabétique, la grande famille Thousand Islands Records. La liste comprend des groupes qui ont sorti un album par notre intermédiaire, ainsi que des groupes qui s’associent à nous pour la distribution physique. Cliquez sur le nom d’un groupe pour plus de détails.

30 Miles – Italy

Arising From – Montreal, Canada

Bash Brothers – Eksjö, Sweden

Bates Motel – Valencia, Spain

Blacked Out – Vancouver, Canada

Bring On The Storm – Calgary, Canada

Brand New Lungs – Montreal, Canada

Bussieres – Montreal, Canada

Call It A Day – Strasbourg, France

Ces Gens-Là – Compiègne, France

Charlie Bit My Finger – Londerzeel, Belgium

The Corps – Vancouver, Canada

Colorsfade – Gatineau, Canada

Debt Cemetary – Toronto, Canada

Down Memory Lane – Montreal, Canada

Downway – Calgary, Alberta

Exhibition – Quebec City, Canada

Family Meeting – Toronto, Canada

F.O.D. – Belgium

Fullcount – Quebec City, Canada

Go Great Guns – Quebec City, Canada

Loser Points – Edmonton, Alberta

Much The Same – Chicago, USA

Nerdlinger – Sydney, Australia

No Real Hero – Montreal, Canada

Our Darkest Days – Quebec City, Canada

Qualia and the Five Ancestors – Athens, Greece

Route St-Louis – Montreal, Canada

Shift-D – Burlington, Canada

Shirley D. Pressed – Hamburg, Germany

The Decline – Perth, Australia

The Shorts – Ballarat, Australia

The SkudFux – Montreal, Canada

Still Insane – Quebec City, Canada

Stone Lions – Central Coast, Australia

Sun-0-Bathers – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Ten Foot Pole – California, United States

These Fast Times – Montreal, Canada

Trashed Ambulance – Red Deer, Alberta

United Defiance – San Francisco, California

Wolfrik – Edmonton, Alberta