Arising From – Montreal, Canada

Bash Brothers – Eksjö, Sweden

Blacked Out – Vancouver, Canada

Block Parent – Ontario, Canada

Bring On The Storm – Calgary, Canada

Brand New Lungs – Montreal, Canada

Bussieres – Montreal, Canada

Call It A Day – Strasbourg, France

Ces Gens-Là – Compiègne, France

Charlie Bit My Finger – Londerzeel, Belgium

The Corps – Vancouver, Canada

Debt Cemetary – Toronto, Canada

Down Memory Lane – Montreal, Canada

Downway – Calgary, Alberta

Exhibition – Quebec City, Canada

Family Meeting – Toronto, Canada

F.O.D. – Belgium

Frank Dux – Cambridge, Canada

Go Great Guns – Quebec City, Canada

Loser Points – Edmonton, Alberta

Mark & The Wolves – La Baie, Canada

Much The Same – Chicago, USA

Nerdlinger – Sydney, Australia

No Real Hero – Montreal, Canada

Our Darkest Days – Quebec City, Canada

Qualia and the Five Ancestors – Athens, Greece

Route St-Louis – Montreal, Canada

Shift-D – Burlington, Canada

Shirley D. Pressed – Hamburg, Germany

The Decline – Perth, Australia

The Shorts – Ballarat, Australia

The SkudFux – Montreal, Canada

Still Insane – Quebec City, Canada

Stone Lions – Central Coast, Australia

Sun-0-Bathers – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Ten Foot Pole – California, United States

These Fast Times – Montreal, Canada

Trashed Ambulance – Red Deer, Alberta

United Defiance – San Francisco, California

Wolfrik – Edmonton, Alberta