Topsy Turvy’s

Poitiers, France


TOPSY TURVY’S is a melodic punk rock band, with female & male vocals, born in 2008 in Poitiers (France).

His influences range from classic melodic hardcore of the 90s to modern indie punk stuff, a lot of melodies with emo vibrations and vivid energies.
They practice a DIY approach, « Pay what you want » price, sales only on shows and affirms the need to politicize their daily life.

After have played over 300 shows around the world (in 26 countries) and released 3 albums and 3 splits/EP since their debut on many independent records labels (EU & JP), they keep touring and share their music wherever they can, still questionning their music practice in a world collapsing.


Noemie Topsy

Cyp Topsy


Crusty Bat