Thousand Islands Records

Founded in 2016 with the initial idea of solely helping out local bands, Thousand Islands Records has quickly expanded and is now known for not only providing support to local artists, but also for teaming up with international acts and labels.

Whether it is for a digital or physical release, PR, booking or to handle the whole thing, the flexibility of Thousand Islands Records leaves the door open to hassle free partnerships. The DIY ethic is also welcomed.


Bruno Beaulieu
Co-Owner / Label Manager

Bruno joined the TIR team in 2016, a few weeks after the label was founded by Sébastien and Frank. Back then he was an editor for well known Punk Rock blog, and was definitely up to date with the scene in general. He is mostly in charge of the album releasing aspect of Thousand Islands Records, managing this website, fulfilling orders and answering hate mail. Bearded Bruno does some press relations and pretty much spam every Facebook group with TIR related content.

Husband, father of three and cheese curds addict. Favorite Band? Definitely Lagwagon.

Cynthia Charpentier
Co-Owner / Manager

Cynthia joined the Thousand Islands Records team in Summer 2017. Band and tour manager, she’s also the one in charge the release schedule. She’s the one that makes sure everyone is ok and keeps everyone on track. She’s also involved in the PR side of things and also takes care of packaging and shipping. She’s the mother of all! Wife to ”Bearded Bruno”, Mom of 3 humans + 2 crazy boxer pups, has a Harry Potter addiction. Favorite bands: Face To Face and Less Than Jake

Vince Fournier

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Vince joined the team in 2020 and became part of the Owner’s Club of Thousand Islands Records in 2021. With more than 20 years of experience in the punk rock scene, it was a no brainer to name Vince Head of Research and Development. Always on the lookout for innovative ways of making things better. He is also known for being the lead singer of Our Darkest Days and co-owner of Quebec City’s Punk Rock Meeting. Dad of one, loves his amazing Tattoo Artist girlfriend and can do crazy jumps on stage. Favorite band: Strung Out

Pierre-Luc Thiffault
Musical Director

PL is a punk rock enthusiast. As a teenager, he was the one in the back of the bus with his yellow Walkman, listening to good old 90s sound.

He started doing radio shows in high school. When Chris Bro launched Punk Rock in 2017, he found a way to get involved in this beautiful project. 4 years later, he’s the host of several shows and it’s the interaction with listeners that drives him day after day to continue in this great adventure. In 2021 he joined Thousand Islands Records as Musical Director.

Favorite Bands: Strung Out, Less Than Jake, Much The Same, No Use For A Name, Down Memory Lane

Samuel Lucas
Art Director

I am Samuel Lucas, was born in 1991 and living in Portugal. From early childhood I fell in love with the art world at the moment I occupy my time as an illustrator and graphic designer.

My job is to make design’s for t-shirts,posters shows, logos, cd artworks.. for bands, clothing brands, record labels and other companies.

If you want to contact me to do work to you can not hesitate, I’m open to any ideas or work. are very welcome.

I joined Thousand Islands Records in 2021 as Art Director.

“Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records has racked up an impressive resume since its inception in 2016. The label which, understandably, started with a roster of Canadian bands, has quickly ventured abroad- picking up international acts from Europe and co-releasing albums from around the world. Focusing heavily on melodic, skate, and hardcore punk TIR has an ear for good music and typically knocks it out of the park on each release. They also tirelessly support their acts with promotion and a lot of the back-end stuff, letting the musicians be musicians.”

– Jeff Sorley,