1. Where can I find status on vinyl delays?

We have this page right HERE that we update as much as we can.

2. How fast do you usually process orders?

If in-stock, between 7-10 days. Sometimes faster. Simply keep in mind that we are not Amazon. We operate from the basement of our family home. Mostly at night, when kids are asleep. Think of Asian Man Records (running from a garage) but less fancy. 

3. If my order includes in-stock and pre-order items, will the items in-stock ship sooner?

No. Your order will be processed when all items are in-stock. Consider placing multiple orders if you wish to get in-stock products faster.

4. Will you replace products that’s been completely destroyed in-transit?

Depends. If you ask kindly we might. But we may require that you cover shipping cost. If your email begins with ”Hey f#@tards you don’t know how to pack records, go to hell…” There’s a possibility we won’t replace anything and just put the blame on the carrier.

5. I placed an order yesterday but would like to add the new album that was just announced and save on shipping. Is it possible to manually add it on your end?

Yes, but no. We did it in the past and this resulted in many fuck ups. Best to order separately and if we notice and ship them together we can refund overpaid shipping.

6. Do all vinyl records come with download codes for digital copy?

Releases from our catalogue, yes. If not included at delivery hit us up and we will give you a download code by email. We have no control on distro releases and most of the time we can’t tell if it’s included or not as we don’t have the info.


7. I got an email saying ‘We have finished processing your order’ but can’t find the tracking number?

If you’re buying from Canada or USA, all parcels come with tracking numbers. International buyers you have the option to add or not the traceability option. Either way you must get in touch with us by email to get your tracking. Our website and shipping platform aren’t linked therefore we can’t easily forward you tracking info. Sorry for not being perfect.


8. I sent an email using the Contact Form and no one answered back?

First, give us some time. We’re not Amazon remember? Then check your Junk folder. PLEASE DO. 99% of our emails to customers end in the Junk. Still not there? Hit us up on Instagram or Facebook.

9. I own a record store and would like to offer your products, is that possible?

Sure is, get in touch with us using the Contact Form and we’ll be happy to assist you.

10. Do you provide refunds and can we exchange products?

Refunds: We provide discount code of spent amount to use on a futur order.
Exchanges: If returned to us in pristine condition. All shipping cost at buyer’s expense.

11. Bob Enis from Rare Punk Music keeps saying ”Thousand Islands Records is rad!” Can we trust him?

Yes you can. Bob is 100% right. All the time.


Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Get in touch with us via the Contact Form and wait for our answer to show up in your Junk folder.