Steven Neufeld

California – USA


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Steven Neufeld is an LA-based multi-instrumental artist {songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer} who is known for being a member of several melodic punk / pop-rock / pop-punk bands over the past two decades, including HeyMike!, Craig’s Brother, Brookhurst and This Legend. 

After spending years touring the US, Japan and Europe with his bands and partaking in about a dozen studio releases, he decided to focus on a solo project and self-produce melodic punk music under his own name. His latest effort is a 10-song solo LP titled “Craig’s OTHER Brother,” which is set to be released via Thousand Islands Records (N. America) and White Russian Records (EU) on March 26, 2021.

His single “I Swear To You” was recently selected by Spotify editors to be featured on Spotify’s “New Punk Tracks” playlist, raising his monthly listener base to over 10k fans at the time. He plans to release more solo music as well as collaborations with musician friends he’s made during his 20+ year career as a touring/studio artist.