United Defiance

Walnut Creek – California


United Defiance is a 5-piece punkrock band from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Playing a mix of skatepunk and melodic hardcore, their sound harkens back to the iconic Fat and Epitaph bands of the mid-90’s. United Defiance has shared the stage with numerous headlining acts including Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Anti-Flag, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Face to Face, Ten Foot Pole, No Use For A Name, Swingin’ Utters, Guttermouth, and many others. Most recently they played the main stage at Music 4 Cancer in Montreal and the Red Bridge Fest in Quebec. After years of touring and recording, United Defiance released Safe At Home with the help of (now defunct) Heliarc Records in January 2018, which was enthusiastically received by critics and fans alike. Recently signed to Montreal-based label, Thousand Islands Records, United Defiance cordially invites you to join them for some tasty, tasty punkrock…

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Noless – Vocals

Danny Tuggle – Drums/vocals

Sasha Mereu – Guitar/vocals

Renoops – Guitar/vocals

Rod Rodriguez – Bass