Ten Foot Pole

Boise – United States


Ten Foot Pole’s history includes being hardcore band Scared Straight in California in the 1980’s, fronted by a pro baseball pitcher up to 1995 and being a well-traveled underground Epitaph style band in the 90’s. In 2016 the album Setlist summarized the band’s 90’s melodic punk identity, just in time for Escalating Quickly to move beyond those genre limitations.

Known for heartfelt lyrics, often stories, put to aggressive guitar riffs and fast drums, TFP was a favorite in the soundtrack for the 1990’s skate and surf scenes. They have released eight albums combined for worldwide sales of over three hundred thousand units. Ten Foot Pole took a break from 2006 to 2013, as Dennis, the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and principal songwriter, focused on his audio career, mixing live sound for artists including Prince, Jimmy Eat World, Beck, AFI and Weird Al Yankovic.

For contact, tourdates, and other info, please check tenfootpole.com


Dennis Jagard Lead vocals / Rhythm guitars
Scott Hallquist Lead guitars / Backing vocals
Richie Petrillo Bass guitar / Backing vocals
Guillaume Fortin Drums / Tattoos

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