The Corps

Vancouver – Canada


Years ago it was written, in an ancient scroll, that a threat would dawn upon Sector 2814, a threat so large, it would require four carefully selected humans to bear the unheard-of Grey rings just for a chance at this sectors survival.

This threat has arrived, and these four humans have been selected. So it begins.

As darkness slithered unnoticed into 2814 posing as music, few were aware of the ever dimming light. But there were four souls who saw through the lies.

The gods they had served for years, still on the battle field, will someday relent with pride and pass down the torch. These four will charge their rings and make a stand until the deaf hear the light.


Dan Garrison – guitar, lead vocals

Dan Stenning – drums, vocals

Dave Derksen – bass, vocals

Morgan Farrell – guitar, vocals