Munich – Germany


Straightline are high-calibre shredders from Munich, Germany. The band is synonymous with fast, technical skate-punk and crossover thrash: no one rocks harder or faster than Straightline. Their powerful and dynamic sound is a cut above the average skate-punks, carried by exceptional skill, detail and energy.

Straightline formed in the late 90s but underwent a series of line-up changes before finding its final form in 2013. They released early demos under the name Softcore, renaming to become Straightline before releasing their debut album No Way Home in 2005. They released two more EPs, Change of Seasons (2010) and Sourcrowd (2012), before a second full-length Final Redemption in 2013. 

The success of Final Redemption saw the band touring eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia. After the release of Alternation of The Rules in 2014, they hit the road to conquer the whole European continent, as well as jetting out to impress audiences in Japan. They were invited to play major punk rock festivals like Punk Rock Holiday and Mighty Sounds, before a full tour of Latin America supporting Satanic Surfers.

In 2017 Straightline released their critically-acclaimed album Vanishing Values via Bird Attack Records in the US, Canada and Europe. 2017 also saw Straightline taking on a second tour of Japan, plus festivals like Jera On Air and Quimera Fest. In 2018, they embarked on their first tours of Australia and Canada, including support slots with skate-punk legends Ten Foot Pole and Big Wig on several shows. 

Straightline has set its sights on global domination, with tours of Canada and Slovenia planned to celebrate the release of their new album Keep Your Cool. The record is their first release on Lockjaw Records and Thousand Islands Records. The band wrote and recorded the records in 2018-19 but waited for the world to reopen before unleashing it alongside several live shows in 2022. The release of Keep Your Cool sees an exciting new chapter opening for the band, who are writing new songs with new members for a follow-up release.