Out January 13, 2022

Topsy Turvy’s debut LP ‘It Can’t Be Easy’ follows 3 thematic EPs that share the same inspiration: In the 1st EP, extraterrestrials are present on Earth, for a long time in observation, to try to understand how this planet works. Their conclusions weren’t very optimistic about the viability of Earth. They had to intervene. The ‘You Better Believe It, You’re It’ EP came out in 2012, the year of the “fantasized” end of the world, and it’s in the form of natural disasters that the Aliens tried to eradicate the cause of the premature destruction of the planet: the human race. But they failed, the evil was too strong and they had to go back at analyzing it more closely to understand how it works. In the 3rd EP, ‘I Expect Nothing and I’m Still Let Down’ the brain and human behavior were the subjects of an in-depth study to detect its darkest workings, and to understand how humans had come to this. Today, this 1st full-length album gives a very special place to nature by offering it the possibility of taking revenge on men and regaining its rights. The Earth can still be saved, by giving humans and animals a last chance to do better on a new planet.


No Surrender
You Don’t Know
Not So Long
Are We Still Alive
Forever Alone
Perfect Day
Last Summer
Question Everything
It Can’t Be Easy
Nothing Remains

Available on colored vinyl and CD.