Out June 30, 2023

Danny B, Matty T and Joey T of So-Cal punk rock band Strike Twelve have been playing live at your local dive since 2003. Whether they’re first or last in the lineup, they will undoubtedly be the band having the most fun. They love what they do and they love doing it with each other, which is why all three members have stuck with the band since the beginning. With an unmatched chemistry that can only be developed with twenty years of friendship, it’s safe to say that this isn’t just a phase. Their new album Last Band Standing will be out in summer 2023 on Montreal-based Thousand Islands Records, and hopefully it will help to take their excellent adventure to the international stage.


1 – Not a Phase
2 – Smart Phones, Stupid People
3 – Party of Two
4 – Watch It Burn
5 – Brother
6 – Bums Me Out
7 – Bubble
8 – The Brink
9 – Baseball Bat
10 – Forgotten
11 – Feeling Defeated
12 – Totally Busted
13 – Isn’t the Same
14 – Tonight, Tonight
TIR-112LP / TIR-112CD