Out April 24, 2024

The DARKO story continues, and this time it’s angry.

Greyscale is the nihilistic second chapter of an unabashed narrative that DARKO has been weaving since the release of 2022’s Sparkle. In the second chapter of this anthology, DARKO gets to grip with the frustrations of modern life that counter as the pragmatic optimism of Sparkle.

There are some things that you can’t change – no matter how hard you try – which can turn all of life’s colours monochrome. But as things look black and white from a distance, there’s a grey area to explore, and a catharsis to be had.
From this chrysalis revitalised, won’t take it as it comes, damage is done, yes but that was just, Chapter One”

– Tom West – Quite, Sparkle

Portraying a new level of passion and aggression, Darko has unleashed more metal & hardcore influences than ever before, whilst still sounding unmistakably like the band fans have grown to love.

Greyscale is packed full of riffs and hooks taking the listener from soaring highs to guttural lows. Expect the unexpected with beatdowns that wouldn’t be lost on Lamb of God records. Vocal harmonies from System of a Down and classic hooks from your 90s punk records are merged into something truly fresh for the band and their scene.
It’s not only the music that takes you forward on the journey with DARKO, Greyscale features more beautiful watercolour album art from Helena Smyth (@Alpineayita). Continuing the theme of the cycle of the Atlas moth, this piece sees a Cactus moth caterpillar feeding on decaying fruit before chrysalising.
What I Cannot Be
Built On Broken Backs
Lowest Hanging Fruit

DARKO are offering collectors and fans a Limited Edition collector’s set, with a premium heavy-weight collectors sleeve to house all 3 chapters of the anthology and an annotated lyric book with art and photos. Each sleeve will be hand-numbered and have a personal message to each fan.

Collectors will also be able to access news about the 3rd EP, with exclusive early listens and extra content only available for owners of the premium package.

Owners of the Sparkle EP will be able to buy a discounted Collectors Edition without Sparkle included.

Numbers 1-50 will go on sale from now until the end of April and a further 50 will be on sale with the final chapter of the series set for release early 2025.