Out May 10th, 2024

In a landmark celebration of their 25th anniversary, Handheld, the dynamic fast melodic punk band that might have escaped your radar, has just unveiled an extraordinary live album. Captured in a jammed packed small sold-out club, this record is a journey through their discography, brimming with energy. Celebrating a quarter-century, Handheld’s performance showcases their passion and evolution, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans and new listeners alike.


Once Again
A Day In My Shoes
Get A Grip
Ode To Europe
TV Nice Guy
One Hour Photos
Corrugated Ideas
No Footsteps To Follow
Countless Hours
On The Fly
Coming Home
Leaving Candyland

Recorded by Pat Dietrich on October 8th, 2023 @ The Revive in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Gauthier @ This Place Needs a Name Studios, Hamilton, Ontario

Artwork by Seb @ Sterio Design

TIR-128LP / TIR-128CD